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This is a bot that automatically pulls updates from your MangaDex RSS feed and sends update messages in a selected channel.

Setup Instructions

  1. Have an account on MangaDex. Get your RSS feed link from mangadex.org/follows or mangadex.org/updates by right clicking RSS feed icon RSS and copying link address. Here’s an example: https://mangadex.org/rss/follows/4tQa9TYdWVNH68XCcnFPEqyeKSgfxpDv?h=0
  2. Run md!rss <RSS_URL> without the brackets.
  3. Run md!interval <number>. This is how often the bot checks for updates in minutes. Default is every 10 minutes.
  4. Run md!start in the channel you want to receive updates. Run md!stop if you want it to stop.
  5. Done! Message Austin#4912 if you run into any issues.


  • md!setup: Provides info on how to setup bot
  • md!start: Starts checking for updates based on set interval. Sends updates in the channel you sent this command from.
  • md!stop: Stop checking for updates.
  • md!status: Check whether bot is actively checking for updates. If not, run md!start again.
  • md!rss <url>: Sets the Mangadex RSS url that you want to pull updates from.
  • md!interval <number>: Sets the interval (minutes) at which the bot checks for updates. If a manual update is called, then it returns all manga updates in the last interval minutes.
  • md!variables: Returns your RSS and interval values.
  • md!update: Manually checks for manga updates in the last interval minutes.
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: md!
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Austin#4912
Short link: discord.ly/mangadex-bot