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MarksBot is a multipurpose discord bot that has many features to keep you entertained, check xbox profiles, solve anagrams, take quizzes etc

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Prefix: m.

Don’t include () or [] in commands

Required: [], Optional: ()
Begin with : m.help

General Commands

Command Description
8ball The standard must have command for any bot.
afk (your message) Sets your AFK message and if someone mentions you it will tell them you are AFK, how long you’ve been AFK for and your AFK message if you set one.
anagram [letters] Tries to make a word from the letters you provide. Example - m.anagram gcmai
avatar (user) Shows your avatar if you do not provide a user or you can mention someone or type their name. Example - m.avatar marksbot
delete [allmydata] or [serverdata] Removes all the data from the database that the bot has on you. (High scores, username changes, todos, reminders etc.) Server owners can also remove all the data the bot stores for their server, this includes, word filter, starboard, highscores etc
prefix [new prefix] Sets or shows the prefix for the server. (or mention the bot)
starboard Shows you the options so you can set the starboard channel, how many stars are needed, is the starboard enabled etc.
filter Shows you the options for the custom word filter so you can block cetain words from showing, you can also import the word list from other servers if they have opted in to this, You can always import the defaut word list from the support server by doing m.filter import 552142180098244619


Command Description
prune [number] Purges the channel of x amount of messages.
check Runs a check to see if users have invite links in their name or custom status (ignores: invite codes, it must be a full link discord.gg/xxx)
role [@user] [@role/name] Adds/Removes the member from the role you provide. You can also just type the users username for example m.role markawes developer
warn [@User] [reason] Warns the user and logs the warn in the action-log channel (If set)
warns [@User] Checks the user’s warnings.
warn- [case-number] Clears that case number from the warnings.
mute [@user] (duration) (reason) Mutes the member and removes all possible roles and gives them the muted role, the default mute time is 1 hour.
unmute [@user] Unmutes the member and adds the roles they previously had (if any)
kick [@user] (reason) Kicks the member from the server
softban [@user] (reason) Bans the member then unbans the member from the server.
ban [@user][userID] (reason) Bans the member from the server
banlist Shows the server ban list

Fun Commands

Command Description
dance See how long you can dance for, scores are logged for the server you run command in and globally
plane How far can your plane fly? run this command and find out, scores are logged for the server you run the command in and globally
pushups No gym membership required
spinner How long can you spin the fidget spinner for? scores are logged for the server you run the command in and globally

Currency Commands

Command Description
coinhelp This is where you should start to learn about the coin commands
daily Collect your daily bonus (earn more if you m.vote first)
bal Shows you your balance
bigslots High roller slot machine, harder to win but a 5x payout if you do (minimum bet of 500 coins)
dep [amount, all] Deposit coins to your bank (these cannot be robbed using randomrob)
flip 50/50 chance of doubling your bet - Example - m.flip 50
pay [@user] [amount] Give some of your coins to another user, you so kind!
randomrob Attempt to rob a random user in the hope of getting some coin
resetcoins Resets your wallet and bank balances to 0 (THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE)
search Go looking for some coins, but don’t get caught as you may have to pay a fine.
slots Play with the slot machine
rob [@user] Rob a user from their currency. (if they have any)
flipcoin [amount] Flip your coins and see if you win.
with [amount] Withdraw coins from the bank to your wallet

Other Commands

Command Description
m.fns View the fortnite item shop
m.fns2 View an interactive version of the fortnite item shop (a vote is required to use this command)
google [search term] Search Google and display the first 5 results, The channel must be marked as NSFW for NSFW results to be shown Example m.google discord
github View a users Github profile Example - m.github markawes
imdb [movie] Search the IMDB database
ls [Artist Title] Search for lyrics Example m.ls queen | we will rock you
twitch [username] Search Twitch for a user Example m.twitch tfue
yt [query] Search YouTube and scroll through the first 15 results Example - m.yt how to make a discord bot
xbox View a users Xbox profile Example - m.xbox markawes

There are many more commands to view on the website.

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