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Created by: Qureshi Inzamamul#0833
Short link: discord.ly/meowze
Meowze is a discord bot with awesome Music, Moderation, Economy, Utility, Action and Giveaway features

Meowze a Discord Bot with Brilliant Features is here for you!

Tired of rule breakers ?
Invite Meowze and give them all a fair warning!! you can also ban! even kick!

Feeling Bored ?
Invite Meowze and collect money for awesome things!! buy your own color theme for embeds! unlock cat characters for awesome perks!

Got Lots of Money ?
Invite Meowze and do Giveaways!!

Feeling Stressed ?
Invite Meowze and listen to awesome music!!

So what are you even waiting for ?
Invite Meowze Now!!

Invite Link - Click here