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Moderation commands, memes, jokes, an economy, and enhanced chat features!
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This bot is a perfect blend of many different commands, all with different systems. Ultimately, if you’d like a bot that blends many different things together to use in your server, this one is it.

With a team working on this bot daily, updating daily, and active on their server - this bot will be around for a long time.


? Economy/Currency


? Fun


? Lovey


? Utils

+stats ,

? Music


? Settings



QHow active is the bot on Discord?
AMGX is active all day, but may (or may not) go offline for an hour or two from 3AM - 5AM EST for updates!

QIs this a good bot for moderation?
AHonestly, this bot is perfect for light moderation. Need to ban or kick someone? Simply use the command. A warning system will come at a later date!

QHow many people use MGX?
AAs of now, MGX is in 40+ servers with 34,000+ users.

QWhere can I ask more questions?
ASimply join the Discord link and ping a member of the bot team (you'll know them by their role).

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