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Midori Discord Bot Described:

A fun and fancy Discord Bot that allows customisation of certain features to the individual level

Midori is a fun-packed and pretty fancy bot that is meant for everyone!

🌟 Commands List:

  • help
  • ping
  • invite
  • settings
  • welcome
  • credits
  • shop
  • mysteryboxes
  • emotes
  • daily

💮 Main features:

  • Welcoming users
  • Customisable prefix
  • Credits system
  • Mystery Boxes (BETA)
  • Shop (BETA)
  • Multi-languages support

⭐ Setup/Welcoming usage:

  • Set the channel _settings setchannel
  • Change the welcome message (optional) _settings welcome setmessage Welcome to my server!
  • Check to see if its working by running _welcome jointest @user

If you ever want to disable it do _settings welcome enable to toggle.

✨ Change the bot prefix

  • Run the command _settings prefix + for example to change prefix to +

🎀 Customize to have YOUR OWN image

  • Create a profile _welcome register
  • Edit the background _welcome set bg
  • To test it out, simply run _welcome test @user
  • Obtain more customizations via the shop!

✨ Earn credits for upcoming future upgrade!

  • You will need a profile for this command
  • Create a profile if you don’t have one _welcome register
  • Check your credits balance with _credits
  • Obtain your 200 credit daily with _daily
  • Check someone else’s credits with _credits check @user

⭐ So what are credits used for?

  • You can use credits to purchase mystery boxes to get awesome and interesting rewards from them!
  • Check out the shop _shop for cool things!
  • To buy, simply run _mysteryboxes shop
  • Explore its contents by doing _mysteryboxes open and discover new things!

🎀 Change the language of the bot!

  • Show available languages by running _settings lang
  • Simply change it to your language by running _settings lang <code>

Currently seeking translators as well! Feel free to hop onto the support server to find out more!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Midori Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Midori to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Midori Discord Bot' on this page.

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Prefix: _ (customisble)
Servers: 446
Users: 1.5K
Created by: willi123yao#1345