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Full Midori Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Music commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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Midori Discord Bot Described:

A simple yet powerful, multipurpose bot based around anime
A simple, multi-functional Discord bot based around anime written in discord.js 12.0.2
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Name Description
[] Indicates a mandatory argument, you must provide this for the command to work!
<> Indicates an optional argument, you do not need to provide this for the command to work

Command list
  • m!baka <@member> Send a Baka Gif / Image. <br><br>
  • m!cry <@member> Send a Crying Gif / Image. <br><br>
  • m!hug <@member> Send a Hug Gif / Image. <br><br>
  • m!kiss <@member> Send a Kiss Gif / Image. <br><br>
  • m!pat <@member> Send a Pat Gif / Image. <br><br>
  • m!poke <@member> Send a Poke Gif / Image. <br><br>
  • m!slap <@member> Send a Slap Gif / Image. <br><br>
  • m!smug Send a Smug Gif / Image.<br><br>
  • m!spank Send a Spank Gif / Image(SFW IMGAES ONLY).<br><br>
  • m!tickle <@member> Send a Tickle Gif / Image.<br><br>
  • m!anime [Anime Title] Search for an anime via MyAnimeList.net
  • m!animeme <reload> Get a random meme from anime subreddit animemes.
  • m!aniquote Get a random anime quote.
  • m!anitop <rank> <type>Get the top anime from MAL via the supplied rank number, or random if none is supplied.
  • m!character [Character Name] Search for an anime character via MyAnimeList.net.
  • m!malprofile [User Name] Search for profile of an user via MyAnimeList.net.
  • m!manga [Manga Name] Search for manga via MyAnimeList.net.
  • m!nextairdate <Anime Title> Search among currently airing anime and return their remaining time before next episode airs. Returns this day’s schedule if none is specified.
  • m!nsfw [Category] Send a random anime nsfw image depending on the supplied category.
  • m!schedule <day> Send list of currently airing anime using the supplied day, or return this day’s if none is supplied.


  • m!feedback [Message] Send a feedback to error_434#6498 (my Dev) <br><br><br><br>
  • m!ping Send the current ping of the bot in ms. <br><br><br><br>
  • m!stats Send the stauts of the bot. <br><br><br><br><br>
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  • m!cmd Send all my available commands list. <br><br>
  • m!help [command name] Sends full information on a specific command. <br><br>
  • m!invite Sends my invite link. <br><br>
  • m!leaderboard Send this guild’s xp leaderboard (Server XP must be enabled). <br><br>
  • m!mai Sends the image of the best bunny girl (do I have a bunnygirl fetish?). <br><br>
  • m!rank <@user> Send the xp information of the mentioned user, or own if no mention is supplied. <br><br>
  • m!suggest [Suggestion Content] Suggest something for the server. <br><br>


  • m!advice Send a random useless advice.
  • m!birdfact Send a random useless fact about birds.
  • m!catfact Send a random useless fact about cats.
  • m!dogfact Send a random useless fact about dogs.
  • m!flip [head/tail] Flip a coin.
  • m!fortune Send a random fortune.
  • m!history Send an important historical event on this day.
  • m!horoscope [sign] Send your daily horoscope.
  • m!image [category] Send an image depending on supplied category.
  • m!joke Send a joke.
  • m!meme Send a meme from selected subreddits.
  • m!pandafact Send a random useless fact about pandas.
  • m!pokemon [Pokemon name] Search for a pokemon on the pokedex.
  • m!respect Press F to pay respect. <br>


  • m!ban [@member] Bans mentioned member. <br><br>
  • m!clear <category> [Quantity] Bulk Delete messages from a channel. <br>
  • m!kick [@member] Kicks mentioned member. <br><br>
  • m!lockdown Mute / unmute @everyone role in the channel this command is used in. <br>
  • m!mute <minutes> [@member] <scope> Mutes mentioned user for a given amount of minutes. Mutes indefinitely, if no duration is specified. <br>
  • m!respond [message ID] Respond to a suggestion in #suggestions <br><br>
  • m!unmute [@member] <scope>Unmutes mentioned user. <br><br><br><br>
Music <br>
  • m!nowPlaying Display the currently playing music. <br><br>
  • m!pause Pauses the currently playing music. <br><br>
  • m!play [search query or youtube URL] Play music using the query provided, or add to queue if there is already one playing. <br>
  • m!queue Display the queued music. <br><br>
  • m!resume Resumes the music if paused. <br><br>
  • m!skip Skips the currently playing music. <br><br>
  • m!stop Stops the music. <br><br>
  • m!volume <volume level> Set the volume of the music, or display the current volume, if level is not provided.<br>


  • m!backdoor [Guild ID] Send a server invite to the specified server. <br><br><br>
  • m!eval [code] Evaluates JS code. <br><br><br>
  • m!execute [event] Force Execute a d.js event. <br><br><br>
  • m!fleave [guild ID] Force leave a guild. <br><br><br><br>
  • m!anischedule [subcommand] Set up anime scheduling in your server.
    • m!anischedule add [MAL / AniList Link] Adds new anime to watch new episodes of.
    • m!anischedule channel Send the currently selected anime announcement channel.
    • m!anischedule clean Purge completed shows from the channel’s watch list.
    • m!anischedule help Print out all available sub-commands with a short description.
    • m!anischedule list Display all anime being watched that are still airing.
    • m!anischedule next Display the next anime to air according to your list.
    • m!anischedule remove [MAL / AniList Link] Removes an anime from the list.
    • m!anischedule setchannel Set the channel for anime airdate announcements.
  • m!automsg [subcommand] Set up the auto messages for this server.
    • m!automsg help Print out all available sub-commands with a short description.
    • m!automsg goodbye Toggle goodbye messages on this server.
    • m!automsg goodbyemsg Set the goodbye message being sent by the bot.
    • m!automsg welcome Toggle welcome messages on this server.
    • m!automsg welcomemsg Set the welcome message being sent by the bot.
    • m!pointsystem [subcommands] Set up the point system for this server.
    • m!pointsystem economytoggle Toggle economy system on/off for this server.
  • m!automsg [subcommand] Set up the point system for this server
    • m!pointsystem excemptedchannels Display which channels have their xp disabled.
    • m!pointsystem help Print out all available sub-commands with a short description.
    • m!pointsystem xpallow [channel] Allow xp system on mentioned channel(s), if disabled.
    • m!pointsystem xpexcempt [channel] Excempt xp system on mentioned channel(s), if enabled.
    • m!pointsystem xptoggle Toggle the xp system on/off for this server
    • m!pointsystem xpreset Reset the xp of all members in the server (Limited to Server Owner)
    • m!pointsystem economyreset Reset the economy of all members in the server (Limited to Server Owner)
  • m!avatar <@user> Send the Avatar of the mentioned user, or your own if none is mentioned.
  • m!color <hex code> Send the color of the supplied hex, or random if none.
  • m!jisho [word] Searches jisho for an accurate translation of the supplied japanese word.
  • m!reddit [subreddit] Fetch a random image from the supplied subreddit.
  • m!steam <Game Name> Send the game information of the supplied game from steam.
  • m!time <city> Send the current time in supplied city. Returns tokyo’s time if none is supplied
  • m!urban [word / phrase] Get the urban definition of the supplied word / phrase.
  • m!whois [user ID] Get discord user information using the supplied ID

Libraries and frameworks used
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<h5><p align = ‘center’> What are you waiting for? <a href = https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=750293655033479179&scope=bot&permissions=2146958847"> Add me </a> to your server now! <br><br><br><br>

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Midori Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Midori to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Midori Discord Bot' on this page.

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