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Prefix: m! (Customizable)
Created by: Dominik#0001
ModBot is a public bans list that will ban known rule breakers on your server.


Our bot is a moderator that allowed you to Kick,Mute,Unmute,Warn users ModBot is made to protect servers.

MODERATION COMMANDS Moderation Commands that allow you to ban/kick/clear/say on you server PROFILE COMMANDS Profile Commmands that show your profile and you can connect discord/steam/minecraft account SETTINGS COMMANDS Settings Commands that allow you to change prefix and more soon 4FUN COMMANDS 4Fun Commands allow you to give some fun to your discord COMMANDS FOR EVERYONE Commands For Everyone just random commands that everyone are allowed to use MODBOT MODERATORS COMMANDS ModBot Moderators Commands are for only staff so ModBot staff can use it to protect you server.