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Prefix: $ (configurable)
Created by: Naamloos#2887
Short link: discord.ly/modcore
A powerful moderating bot written on top of DSharpPlus

What is ModCore?

ModCore is a powerful moderating bot written on top of DSharpPlus.
It serves as a moderating assistant to make managing your server as easy as possible.
Adding ModCore to your server today will open up a world of moderation options to you.

What does it do?

Ban Members, Kick members, Mute Members, Schedule actions, Community Management, Starboard and more. Full feature listing is available here.

What permissions does it need?

ModCore’s invite url automatically generates the required permissions based on all commands loaded. If you want a full listing of commands and their required permissions, check here.

I want to know more!

Either check out our wiki or ask questions in my discord server, at #modcore.