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Invite Momo🍑 Bot to your server and enjoy its unique Kpop commands, giveaways and high quality music rss feeds. Discord bot made for everyone.

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Momo🍑 Discord Bot Described:

Gamble, claim waifus, play songs with high quality rss feeds Welcome new nitro boosters and/or give them a special role! giveaway command and more.<3 the best kpop bot.

For any suggestions, type .suggest <your suggestion>
To contact the owner of bot do .contact <message>

Momo bot invite link =

FOR LIST OF COMMANDS DO .cmds or .commands

For the new commands that i added to this bot Do .newcmds

New and hidden bot commands dont forget to check this always uwu<3= .newcmds .newcommands

This bot have powerful music bot it even can play Spotify playlist and more do .music for more info

To enable flowers spawn type.gcin your chats
How do i check my flowers: = .$ more gambling commands = .commands gambling

.timely To get 10000 your daily money every 3 hours


How do I get self-assignable roles work? = .roleguide

How do I make greet messages? = .greetings

For help to create temp voice channels for your server =.vcsetup

.nitrorole = Welcome new nitro boosters and/or give them a special role!

.rss = Periodic RSS updates to channels./For more information, use help RSS

example for .rss = .rss addfeed Lilqbunny

.raffle New giveaway bot that i made for momo its amazing im using it for doing nitrogiveaway in my server click here for demo

For help to create temp voice channels for your server =.vcsetup

Confess secretly
First of all to use Confess in your server do .confessionset confess #channel-name here is example click here:

To Set a tracker room that will send confessions to with names attached for moderation purposes, in case someone may be abusing the room. Do .confessionset track #a-track-mod-channel

Then Dm momo bot .confess Confess your dirty sins

Quote a message from a link. .linkquote auto also do .linkquote global demo click here


statusrole: =.statusrole add <role> <text> = when people have somthing on their custom status bot will give them a role

.addreact Add an auto reaction to a word Syntax: .addreact <word> <emoji>
.delreact Delete an auto reaction to a word Syntax: .delreact <word> <emoji>
.listreact List reactions for this server
do .smartreact for more help

Action Commands:
.cry .hug .pat .punch .scare .touch .eat .massage
Other Action Commands: do .kgirls .kboys .meme .clap .kill
.love dab everglow facepalm .jimin mihoheart dm momo bot .lcr for the list of action commands.

Momo bot support server :

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Momo🍑 Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Momo🍑 to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Momo🍑 Discord Bot' on this page.

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