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Monkee is a simple to use Discord bot that will satisfy every Discord need you have. Welcome/leave messages, autorole, reaction role, giveaways, fun, leveling, music commands and much more!

Monkee- The best free to use Discord bot

What is Monkee?

Monkee is an amazing Discord bot that has a whole host of features to satisfy all of your Discord needs


/help - Lists all of the bots commands

/stats - Lists the bots stats


/poll - Allows you to create polls for your guild

👌 Moderation

/autorole - Makes the bot automatically give an assigned role to new users

/welcomemessage - Allows you to add or remove welcome messages

/leavemessage - Allows you to add or remove leave messages

/purge - Allows you to delete messages from chat

🎁 Giveaways

/gstart - Allows you to start a giveaway

👍 Utility

/reactionroles - Allows you to add a reaction role dropdown to a message

/announce - Allows you to create announcements for your guild

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Created by: MonkeeMan#0590
Short link: discord.ly/monkee