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Monokuma Character Controller Discord Bot Described:

Monokuma Character Controller is a bot that allows you to roleplay on discord using imaging to look more like the games.
Monokuma Character Controller

Monokuma Character Controller is a bot made for Danganronpa fans who would like to have a more authentic roleplaying experience that isn’t just text.

With Monokuma Character Controller, users can choose a character, a background they want the character to be on, a sprite of the character, and what that character says.


Note: Currently there are no UDG/DRV3 characters in the bot, although they are planned to come.

  • d!help This command allows you to check all of the commands the bot has… obviously.

  • d!characters OR (d!cl) This command lists the characters and the amount of sprites from each game.

  • d!sprites This command is usable only in DMs, DM the bot with the character’s first name after the command for a menu embed with all the character’s sprites.

  • d!backgrounds This command is usable only in DMs, DM the bot to get all the backgrounds currently in the bot.

  • d!{character name} {background} {sprite} {text} This command allows the user to make the bot generate an image similar to the ones in the game the character is from.

  • d!support This command sends an invite to the support server.

Things You Can Do

  • Talk but use Danganronpa characters as your vessels.

  • And much more!

Additional Information

Currently the bot only has THH and SDR2 characters. However, the bot does have a few “secret” characters, sprites and backgrounds.

All of them are jokes, so if you discover a weird image it’s probably there on purpose.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Monokuma Character Controller Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Monokuma Character Controller to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Monokuma Character Controller Discord Bot' on this page.

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