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Grow your server to the TOP with Moon. No tax, no garbage.

Moon Discord Bot

Easily grow your Discord server to the TOP!
Grow your server with 4 simple steps!

No tax

Other bots have come with a β€œsolution” to alts by adding tax. How LAME. Now the same thing costs 3 times more just to get active members. Moon has a different solution. We have a FULL team of people catching alts and instantly removing them for NO TAX.


Scammers are bad. So are people who don’t care. We do. If you find ANY scammer, please report it to us and we will REFUND the amount you were scammed AND ban the user for free (only if you have sufficient proof)

Bot scams

Moon is a Discord Verified bot which means you can always check for the checkmark next to the BOT badge to see if you are being DMmed by the legit Moon. Please also remember, we will never give free Nitro or MCoins for inviting a bot to your server. In fact, that is impossible because we have no way to see who invited the bot.

Bugs and suggestions

Find a bug. Report it to have it fixed INSTANTLY. That’s right! We don’t waste time when there is a bug. Have a suggestion? Suggestions are treated with the same importance. These are what will help us be better.

Need help?

Join our support server if you want to report, suggest, or ask.

See ya’!

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Short link: discord.ly/moon