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Prefix: / (customizable)
Created by: William_CTO#5415
Short link: discord.ly/mr-translate
A Discord Translate bot, done well
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Quite possibly the best discord translate bot around, Mr. Translate provides accurate translations quickly and easily by letting you translate text with commands or entire messages by reacting with flags!

Mr. Translate supports translating between over 70 languages!

Add Mr. Translate and get started by reacting with 🇫🇷 or even 🇯🇴. Need to translate to/from Klingon? React with 🖖!


/detect Detects the language of given text languages DMs a list of all the languages Mr. Translate supports

/donate Donate to Mr. Translate

/invite Link to invite Mr. Translate to your server

/prefix Set or get the bot’s prefix

/profanity Change the profanity filter

/status Mr. Translate global status



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