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Invite Munix Bot to your Discord server and enjoy its Music commands, Filters, DJ Roles and more! Get the best music experience with Munix Discord Bot.

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Munix Discord Bot Described:

High Quality Music. Free & No Paywall. 11+ Sources, including YouTube, AppleMusic, Spotify, more… | Control Channel + Playlists + Filters + DJ Roles + 24/7
Introducing Munix: Your Ultimate Discord Music Bot!

Experience the magic of Munix, the best free and premium-quality Discord music bot that brings the party to your server! Immerse yourself in the world of endless tunes and exciting features designed to elevate your music experience like never before. With an impressive selection of 11+ sources, including YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, and more, Munix ensures that your favorite tracks are just a command away.

Unleash the Power of Munix:
  1. High-Quality Music: Dive into a world of crystal-clear sound and high-fidelity music, enriching your Discord server with premium tunes.

  2. 24/7 Music: Let the beats keep flowing day and night! Munix ensures uninterrupted music playback, keeping the rhythm alive at all times.

  3. Tailored Filters: Customize your music to your liking with a range of filters, offering a unique twist to your favorite tracks.

  4. Personalized Playlists: Create your own musical paradise with custom playlists, perfect for every mood and occasion.

  5. Multiple DJ Roles: Invite your friends to join in on the fun! Assign multiple DJ roles, allowing everyone to take the stage and share their favorite tracks.

  6. Control Channel: Take charge of your music selections in a dedicated control channel, making managing the tunes a breeze.

  7. And Much More: Munix goes above and beyond to provide an unrivaled music experience, packed with additional features to discover and enjoy.

Best of all, Munix offers all of this greatness entirely free of charge! While some advanced features may require voting, it’s a small token to help more music enthusiasts like yourself uncover the brilliance of this incredible bot.

Join the Munix community today and embark on an unforgettable musical journey for you and your server! Let the melodies of Munix set the perfect tone for your Discord experience.

Command Guide

Configuration Commands:

  • 247: Enable or disable the 24/7 music feature.
  • dj: Manage DJ roles and permissions.
  • prefix: Set a custom bot command prefix.
  • setup: Configure a song request channel for Munix for your server.

Filter Commands:

  • 8d: Apply an immersive 8D audio effect.
  • bassboost: Boost the bass for a more powerful sound.
  • distortion: Add distortion effects to the music.
  • karaoke: Transform songs into karaoke versions.
  • nightcore: Speed up the music to a lively nightcore beat.
  • pitch: Adjust the pitch of the music to your preference.
  • reset: Reset all filters to their default settings.
  • rotation: Spin the audio channels for a rotating effect.
  • speed: Control the playback speed of the music.
  • tremolo: Create tremolo-like fluctuations in the sound.
  • vibrato: Apply vibrato to add expressiveness to the music.
  • lowpass: Filter out high frequencies for a mellow sound.

Information Commands:

  • about: Get information about Munix.
  • help: Access the bot’s help and command list.
  • info: Find out more details about Munix.
  • invite: Get the invite link for adding Munix to your server.
  • ping: Check the bot’s response time.

Music Commands:

  • autoplay: Automatically play related songs after the queue ends.
  • clearqueue: Clear all songs from the queue.
  • grab: Save the currently playing song to your personal list.
  • join: Summon Munix to your voice channel.
  • leave: Ask Munix to leave the voice channel.
  • loop: Continuously repeat the current song or queue.
  • nowplaying: Display the currently playing track.
  • pause: Pause the current song.
  • play: Play music by providing a song name or URL.
  • queue: View the upcoming songs in the queue.
  • remove: Remove a specific song from the queue.
  • resume: Resume playback after pausing.
  • search: Search for songs and choose from the results.
  • seek: Jump to a specific timestamp in the current track.
  • shuffle: Shuffle the order of songs in the queue.
  • skipto: Skip to a particular song in the queue.
  • skip: Skip the currently playing song.
  • stop: Stop the music and clear the queue.
  • volume: Adjust the volume of Munix.

Playlist Commands:

  • create: Create a new playlist.
  • add: Add songs to an existing playlist.
  • delete: Delete a playlist.
  • load: Load and play a playlist.
DISCLAIMER: Munix is still in it’s open beta, please report any bugs on the support server
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Munix Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Munix to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Munix Discord Bot' on this page.

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