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Prefix: m-
Created by: Nacho#5507
Short link: discord.ly/musicly
Musicly is the best discord bot. Search the music and react to the message and play music!

=== Command list ===

[Use m-help for details]

m-addbot :: Send the URL you can use, to add this bot to your own server.

m-autoplay :: Toggles the autoplay mode of the music playback.

m-color :: Changes the users name color.

m-emojis :: Lists all emojis on this server.

m-forceskip :: Skips the current playing song. Only for Mods.

m-help :: Displays all available commands for your permission level.

m-move :: move

m-pause :: Pauses the music bot.

m-ping :: Ping command. Thats all. Nothing special.

m-play :: Plays a song (direct link or search)

m-purge :: Purges a specified amount of messages from the channel it has been executed in.

m-queue :: Sends a list of song in the queue.

m-random :: Generates a random number. Default 0-100.

m-reload :: Reloads the command filem, if it’s been updated, added or modified.

m-repeat :: Toggles the repeat mode of the music playback.

m-resume :: Resumes the music bot.

m-seek :: Seeks the music bot to a given second.

m-setup :: Runs a setup, if the bot is new to the server.

m-skip :: Skips the current playing song.

m-stats :: Sends some stats about the bot and the server.

m-stop :: Stops the music bot.


First, search the music with m-play and react with the number of the music that you want to play


Then, it will play the music!