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Bot can play radio, youtube songs, translate words, make polls, show weather, news and currency

Discord Tools Bot

Discord Tools Bot

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Used APIs

Bot’s features

  • Shows weather
  • Translate words
  • Shows news
  • Shows currency
  • Plays music from Youtube and Soundcloud
  • Plays music from online radiostations
  • Makes polls

How to use

Bot commands

To use the !b or !cron commands you need to create a guild role named bot.admin and add it to you!

Command Description
!v join Add bot into you voice channel
!v leave Remove bot from voice channel
!b clear [from_num] Remove bot’s messages !b clear or !b clear 3 removes all messages from 3rd message
!b setconf [parameter] [value] Sets the bot configuration for your channel.
!help Shows help
!help [command] Detail help !help !y
!play [youtube_url] Adds track (or playlist) in queue and start playing
!y add [song] Adds song from youtube or soundcloud
!y clear Removes all songs from queue
!y play Starts playing queue
!y stop Stops playing queue
!y skip Skipping one song
!y list List of songs in queue
!r play [radio_station] Plays specified network radio station !r play http://air2.radiorecord.ru:9003/rr_320
!r stop Stops radio
!w [place] Shows the weather in a specified location !w New York
!n [category] Displays news in the specified category !n technology
!t [target_lang] [text] Translator !t ru Hello world
!c Shows currencies (default from config)
!c list Shows list of available currencies
!c [currency] Shows specified currency !c USD EUR
!p new [fields] Creates new poll !p new field one \| field two \| field three
!p vote [field_num] Votes in poll
!p end Ends poll and shows results
!m [map/sat] [location] Sends location image from yandex map !m map New-York or !m sat New-York
!cron add [cron_time] [command] Creates cron job for command !cron add 0 0 12 * * * !w Chelyabinsk - everyday in 12:00 UTC 0 use command !w
!cron list Shows cron jobs
!cron remove [id] Removes cron job by ID !cron remove 1
!geoip [some_ip_address] Shows geographic information about IP

Set config parameters

Parameter Description
general.language [string] Sets bot language
general.timezone [num] Sets bot timezone
general.nick [string] Sets bot nickname
embed.color [hex color like #007700] Sets bot embed color
news.country [string] Sets bot news country
weather.city [string] Sets default city for weather
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


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Servers: unknown
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Created by: FlameInTheDark#1111
Short link: discord.ly/musor