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Created by: Iyazo#0001
The only authentic Pokémon battling experience you can get on Discord!

The most complete Pokémon experience in Discord

Myuu's site

You can find every information you may need here: https://myuu.xyz

No commands to remember

  • To play just type .menu. Unlike other Discord games, you don't need to learn any commands. If you insist though a full list exists, at https://myuu.xyz/commands


  • A vast amount of end-game options, with a competitive PvP environment built on the latest Gen-7 format.

Level up by chatting

  • Hit two birds with one stone as your Pokémon will gain XP when you chat with friends.


  • Travel across routes, trade with friends, hatch eggs and summon legendary Pokémon to complete the Pokédex.

Same account everywhere

  • Hanging out in a new server lately? No problem you can continue your adventure there.


  • Level up and EV train your Pokémon. Form your ideal team to be the very best.

Battle's graphic environment example: https://i.imgur.com/TFEgQ9l.png