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Simple music bot Also move mermers.. Gonna be awesome, just wait until 13th August..

Hey There! My name is Nacho!

I can play music for you and move you. Soon, I’ll be more and more useful.

Every Single Permission is Required. No not Disable any of them

Required Permissions:

  • Send Messages
  • Embed Links
  • Use External Emojis
  • Attach Files
  • Manage Messages
  • Read Message History
  • Add Reactions
  • Create Instant Invite
  • Connect
  • Speak
  • Move Members
  • Use Voice Activity
  • View Channels


  • ,play
  • ,loop
  • ,pause
  • ,stop
  • ,resume
  • ,queue
  • ,remove
  • ,info
  • ,help
  • ,volume
  • ,visit (send a request to let you join in someones room by request)
  • ,call (send a request to let someone join in your room by a request)
  • ,lyrics
  • ,jump

Been mortal since 16th March 2007, been immortal since 17 June 2020

Rest in Peace, my beatiful son. You’ll never gonna be forgotten.

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Created by: Tantoony#0001
Short link: discord.ly/nacho