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Created by: NellyD3v#9106
Short link: discord.ly/naomi
Yet another bot-multitool for your server. Moderation commands, economy, image editor, search related commands, etc.

Naomi Discord Bot

Naomi is a bot (with closed source code) that has been designed to provide you with an extensive set of server management, economics, entertainment, various utilities and more.

In addition to all this, we create and publish various secondary projects on our Github that you may find useful.

The Naomi Bot project is constantly improving, and the work has not stopped for a year and a half, but despite our efforts, we have not been able to achieve a decent result. Despite that, the project is still going on, and we are clearly not going to give up on it. If you have any ideas to improve Naomi’s bot project, you can safely provide them on our Discord server.

Now we are working on writing a new version of Naomi Bot and our website, so soon you will be able to enjoy the full potential of the project. We want to make a project that is really useful and we will not give up.