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Created by: Nautical#4684
This is a Multi Purpose Discord Bot for all Types of Servers! It has Information, Moderation, Fun and more.

-Nautical's Utilities-


Nautical's Utilities is a Multi-Purpose bot. It has Information, Moderation, Fun and more! It is still being worked on so its in Beta but in its Current State, its usable.


{Not Required} [Required]

šŸ’¬General Commands:

n!Help n!Support n!Invite n!Warnings @{user}

šŸ“ŠInformation Commands

n!ServerInfo n!UserInfo @{User}

šŸ”‘Moderation Commands

n!Ban @[user] [reason] n!Ban-s @[user] [reason] n!Kick @[user] [reason] n!Warn @[user] n!DM @[user] [message] n!Say #[channel] [message] n!Purge [Amount] n!Lock n!UnLock

šŸ”§Developer Commands

n!Leave n!ServerList n!Uptime n!Ping

The Command List may not be up to date, to check Dated Commands. With the bot in the server, do n!help.