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Full Nazzy Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Fun commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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Nazzy Discord Bot Described:

A multi-functional bot with AI, fun/game, and other commands.

A multi-functional bot with AI, fun/game, and other commands and no things asking you to buy premium!


The prefix is “.” but it can be changed.

The AI commands have things like gpt-2 (An ai that finishes sentences), an image colorizer, and more.

There is fun commands like meme, which gets memes from Reddit.

Subreddits Nazzy uses:

  • memes
  • DeepFriedMemes
  • dankmemes
  • PrequelMemes
  • terriblefacebookmemes
  • BikiniBottomTwitter
  • PewdiepieSubmissions
  • ComedyCemetery
  • MemeEconomy
  • memegifs
  • dankgifs

Music commands, and some other commands like random generators, and hashers.

Also, if you’re wondering about the avatar of the bot is a picture of something I made in Blender from a Crunch candy bar commercial.

  • Help | Gives you the commands
  • Userinfo | Gives info about a member
  • Serverinfo | Gives info about a guild
  • Guilds | Tells how many guilds Nazzy is in
  • Set (prefix/announcement channel/censoring/beta testing/welcome channel/welcome message) | Sets something
  • Meme | Gives you a random meme from reddit
  • Dog | Random dogs
  • Cat | Random cats
  • Seal | RANDOM SEALS!

(I’m going to be adding more animal commands, and then I’m to make a category for it)

  • Donut | Gives you a random donut with a trait and enchantment
  • Work | Work to make money and by something (Kind of trash)
  • Shop | Buy things with the money you made
  • Bank | See what you have in the bank
  • Civ (create [name]/advance) | Create a civilization and advance (Kind of trash too)
  • Rate [something] | Rates something
<AI Stuff>
  • [create a channel named “talk-to-nazzy”] | Talk to a bad Dialogflow bot
  • Phishify | Stylize your picture with a picture of a blob fish
  • Dreamify | Dreamify your images
  • Colorize | Colorize b&w pictures, or de-colorize colored pictures
  • Finish | Have gpt-2 finish your sentences
  • Clever | Talk to Cleverbot
  • Texttoimage | Makes images from text
  • Findexpression | Tries to find expressions in photos of people
  • Kick [mention someone] | Kicks someone
  • Ban [mention someone] | Bans someone
  • Clear [num] | Deletes messages on channel
  • Create channel [type] [name] | Creates
    channel and categories
<Music (WIP)>
  • Play (song name) | Plays music
  • Stop | Stops the song
  • Skip | Skips to next song
  • Volume (num up to 10) | Changes music volume
  • Bitrate (num up to 200) | Changes music bitrate
  • Invite (bot/support aka outlet) | Get invite for bot or to support server
  • Random (hex/number/name/string) | Gives random stuff
  • Ping | Checks the bots host and API latency
  • Request (bot activity)| Sends a request to the support server
  • Hash (string) | Hashes a string with SHA-512
  • Find User (part of username) | Search through users from servers that Nazzy is in

That’s all folks.

Thank you for reading, and if you do, inviting Nazzy.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Nazzy Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Nazzy to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Nazzy Discord Bot' on this page.

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