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Nexis is a general purpose bot!!

Admin Commands
+setup Shows infomation of how to setup the bot

+purge <Number>Deletes amount of messages specified

+kick <user>Kicks mentioned user

+say <message> Tell the bot what to say

+dm <user> <title> | <message> Dms the user mentioned a message

+announce <Title> | <message> Sends an embeded annoincement to the announcments channel

+warn <user> | <reason> Warns the mentioned user

General Commands

+avatar <user> send a picture of the user mentioneds avatar

+help Shows this message

+invite Displays Bot Invite infomation

+ping Displays bot latency

+stats Displays Server Stats

+report <user> | <reason> Reports a user to the server staff

+info Sends infomation about the bot

+suggest <suggestion> Send a suggestion to the server staff

+donate Displays infomation on how to donate

+helpbeta Displays the Beta Testers help menu (Beta Testers Only)

+google <search> Searches google!

+youtube <search> Searches youtube!

+whois <@user> displays infomation on the mentioned user

+8ball <input> Displays the magic 8ball

+projokes Displays a random programer joke

+jokes Displays a random joke

+coinflip Flips a coin

+random <min> <max> Genarates a random number between the min and maz number

+myinfo Displays infomation about yourself

+emojis Displays the servers emojis

+credits View the awsome people that created me!

+timer <time> Sets a timer

+whois <user> Displays infomationn on a user

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Created by: CyPlayz#4660
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