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Prefix: nk!
Created by: -[Bayern-Agrar]- Abe#2790
A simple bot with some custom things like muterole or joinrole

Fun: hack hack a user kill kill someone say say something slotmachine play with a slot machine Infos: serverinfo get some information of a server stats stats of the bot userinfo get some information of an user Moderation: ban ban a member clear delete some messages in a channel createcat createa a category createtc create a textchannel createvc create a voice channel kick kick a member mute mute a member unmute unmute a member Owner: reload reload the bot servers show all servers stop stop the bot Setup: createmuterole create a muterole setjoinrole setmuterole configure the mute role unsetjoinrole Standard: bug report a bug quickpoll run a quickpoll Xp_system: addxp add xp to a member leaderboard The leaderboard (top 10 only) xp your xp ​No Category: help Shows this message Type nk!help command for more info on a command. You can also type nk!help category for more info on a category.