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Full A discord bot Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Moderation commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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A discord bot Discord Bot Described:

A Turkish discord bot has 7/24 music, moderation and more!

Hey, It’s a discord bot named by Nighty
Nighty’s features are Music, moderation, fun and custom embeds.
His prefix is n/

Lets look the features:

- [Music](/discord-music-bots) --> n/müzik for help.
You can play whatever you want from youtube.
  * n/youtube : Plays from link or text.  Example: n/youtube Never Gonna give up --> [Rickrolls you :) It's just a joke] Plays never gonna give up.
  * n/geç : Skips 1 [Music](/discord-music-bots).  Example: n/geç --> Skips music. 
  * n/atla : Jumps to music from queue.  Example: n/atla 5 --> Jumps to 5. music from queue.
  * n/durdur : Freezes [Music](/discord-music-bots).  Example: n/durdur --> [Music](/discord-music-bots) froze. 
  * n/devamet : Continues [Music](/discord-music-bots).  Example: n/devamet --> [Music](/discord-music-bots) continues.
  * n/kapat : Stops [Music](/discord-music-bots). and never plays.  Example: n/kapat --> [Music](/discord-music-bots) stopped.
  * n/karıştır : Shuffles Queue.  Example: n/karıştır --> Queue Shuffled.
  * n/sıralama : Shows Queue.  Example: n/sıralama --> Gives queue. 1/ Never Gonna Give Up etc. 

- [Moderation](/discord-moderation-bots) --> n/moderasyon for help.
You can moderate everything.
  * n/ban <@User> : Bans user. Example: n/ban @RickAstley --> Bans RickAstley from guild.
  * n/unban <User ID> : Unbans user. Example: n/unban RickAstley'sID --> Unbans RickAstley from guild.
  * n/kick <@User> : Unbans user. Example: n/unban RickAstley'sID --> Unbans RickAstley from guild.
  * n/kilitle <#Channel> : Locks Channel. Example: n/kilitle #GeneralText --> Locks General Text and only admins can text in it.	
  * n/kilitkaldır <#Channel> : Unlocks Channel. Example: n/kilitkaldır #GeneralText --> Unlocks General Text and everyone can text in it.
  * n/nickname <@User> <New Name> : Gives Nickname to Mentioned User. Example: n/nickname @RickAstley GaveUp --> Nicknames RickAstley GaveUp.
  * n/slowmod <Second> : Opens Slowmode given seconds. Example: n/slowmod 60 --> Slowmodes 60 Seconds. 1 Minute Cooldown.
  * n/emojiekle-link <EmojiNameInServer> <Link> : Adds emoji from link. Example: n/emojiekle-link owo https://owo.owo/owo.png --> Adds emoji named :owo:.
  * n/emojiekle-ek <EmojiNameInServer> : Adds emoji from attachment. Example: n/emojiekle-ek owo [Attachment] --> Adds emoji named :owo:. 

- [Fun](/discord-fun-bots) --> n/eğlence for help.
Some [Fun](/discord-fun-bots) Commands.
* n/korona : Makes a corona test. 

* n/reddit : Gives you a meme from r/burdurland subredit.

* n/ship <@User> : Tests how much do you love him. 

* n/yazıtura : Heads or Tails?? Maybe perpendicular.

- Embeds --> n/embed for help.
Create your embed!
* n/başlık : Sets your embed title. 

* n/içerik : Sets your embed description.

* n/renk <HEX Code> : Sets your embed color. 

* n/fotoğraf-link <Link> : Sets your embed image from link.

* n/fotoğraf-ek <Attachment> : Sets your embed image from attachment.

* n/gönder : Sends your embed.

- Information --> n/bilgi for help.
Have the infos.
* n/ping : Sends bot's ping. 

* n/istatistik : Shows bot statistics.

* n/sunucuistatistik : Shows guild statistics. 

* n/sunucushard : Shows guild shar menu.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add A discord bot Discord Bot to my server?

You can add A discord bot to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add A discord bot Discord Bot' on this page.

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Prefix: n/
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Created by: !1 oqwus2#9022