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Multipurpose bot that strives to help your server out!

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Hello! Nyro is a new bot striving to impress people, and give people their basic server needs. We care about our users and their suggestions. We have many features you may be able to benifit from, take a look!

  • Moderation, Logging
  • Music
  • Starboard, Leveling, Tags
  • Miscellaneous, Informational, Economy
  • Per-guild Configuration

And more coming!

Now you may be asking, why should I invite this bot? What makes it different than other bots?

We can answer that question in a few sentences:

Why should I invite Nyro?

Nyro is a multipurpose bot that is being worked on daily, striving to add more features that you want, and what we think you may like! We have many commands that you may benifit from, whether it is from pleasure, or from just protecting your server. Nyro has got your back.

Find a bug? Join our discord server and tell use about your bug! You will receive a bug hunter role, and maybe even some premium commands!

So what are you waiting for? Invite the bot now! No need for those 15 bots that do one thing in your server any more!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.