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NINJA Bot is a fun bot that can make your server extremely fun with a wide range of features.


%helpmenu is the help command :)


NINJA Bot is a fun bot that can make your server extremely fun. It has many cool commands and features. It is a simple bot with easy to follow usage and commands.


NINJA Bot contains a wide variety of not only fun, but useful commands/features that can power your server. We have moderation commands consisting of %ban, %purge, and %warn. The Bot also contains a command where you can generate an extremely secure 10-digit password. %password. We have many fun commands for you to sit down after a long day and have a nice laugh. You can use %roast, %yomomma, %ameme, and others to have a good time. We have a couple other modules like Meme Creation and Leveling. Everyone knows leveling. But the meme creation is where you can create your own meme 100% in-bot. If you feel too lazy to go search something on google like twitch streamers or definitions for words. Just use the bots search features. You can search using %urban, %giphy, %imgur, and %twitch. For the basketball lovers, you can use %help sports-basketball to check out some news, recent games, the teams, and some cool gifs. And finally the last couple of command modules are Coloration and Emojis. You can get some reaction here with the colors putting normal text in a different color. And use a cool emoji that represents the situation.


We have a support server where you can chat with the community and get support when needed. If you like reddit we have a reddit page where you can discuss things on the subreddit. We have a website with commands you can go check it out. On the NINJA Bot support server we have beta testing where you can test commands possibly on ninja bot, you can suggest commands, report other users, beta test, literally eveything. But most of all, you have fun with other NINJA Bot Users. :)

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