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Created by: Dan();#7980
Short link: discord.ly/no-u
A bot that checks the users @message for insults and replies with a random coloured UNO reverse card!
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No U
The No U but reads a user’s message and checks if the @message includes some of our insults.
We have over 200 insults for the bot to check against.
If the user has used one of these words the bot automatically replies back with a randomly colored UNO reverse card.

A few secrets have been added to the bot which you will have to find yourself either by looking through the source code or even just trying to find it using the bot on your server.

How to setup:
The bot is already setup with the permissions and all you need to do is add it to your server.
If you would like the bot only on certain channels, however, you will need to go to that channels permissions and disable:

  • Send Messages
  • Attach Files

This is the second bot I have ever made using a programming language I have never used before, so if you would like to suggest things to me it is much appreciated.
The bot doesn’t have every insult in the world, but if you would like me to add more please suggest them in my discord server. Also, if you would also like me to add more use to the bot you can address that in the same way.