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A unique economy bot where the main aim is to increase you're virtual pp.
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Not Kohai, also known as PP Bot is not just an ordinary economy bot. The main goal is to grow your virtual PP by participating in raids, mining, fishing, hunting and much more.

Main Economy Commands

The main commands consist of the following:

pp!raid / pp!r - the main way to earn pp gold, the reward increases with your pp size
pp!beg / pp!b - beg for a 1/3 chance of a small gold reward
pp!fish / pp!f - fish for a medium gold reward
pp!hunt / pp!h - hunt for a medium gold reward
pp!mine / pp!m - Go mining to increase your PP size, with a small chance to get lootbox keys!
pp!shop - The shop allows you to buy PP Boosts, Pets and more.

For an extensive list of all commands please do pp!help

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.