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Invite NT Bot to your server and enjoy its amazing features like Custom Commands, Moderation, Fun and more! Get the full NT Discord Bot experience.

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NT Discord Bot Described:

NT is a multipurpose fast Discord bot for any server, Active development - new features added regularly custom commands.

Hey User

NT Bot is suited for the biggest need for logging and moderation. We are continuing to evolve, and you may help us get better. Our support is on our discord.
There are updates without restarting the bot.

We mainly focus on moderation and logging, such as giving warnings to users.
Having the option to use a bad word filter.

To see the bad word filter, you can do ;badwordssetup and it will show you what you can do in there.
To give warnings, you can do ;warn @username Reason.
Each user has 3 warnings, until they areauto-bannedd by the bot.

That way, people have a 3 strike and you’re out.
(NOTE: This may change later on, making it easier to set your own limit).

We have a big logging system in NT, and that can be used by first of all set the channel it will log to.
You can do so by doing ;setlogchannel #channelname

Then you can do ;logsystem in order to see what is enabled and what is disabled, how many messages the bot has deleted, and more statistics.

Over time, doing ;Toggle will give you several options for the different systems in our bot (Requiring Administrator permission in order to use this command).
We let you customize more and more of the different commands in the bot.
Such as the prefix, log system, filter system, anti-spam system, and more to come.

Doing ;help will show you the way to our website with all our listed commands and description.

Most of the commands you find in other bots is also listed in our bot.
With some exceptions.

We currently do not have a leaderboard system (XP system)
Other than the “Miscellaneous” systems we have, such as our “Dig for sand” system.
This command can be used by doing ;dig.

More on the digging system is listed on our command help page on our website.

For more help, visit our website Here.

Or you can visit us in our support discord server Here.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add NT Discord Bot to my server?

You can add NT to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add NT Discord Bot' on this page.

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