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Mainly designed for Moderation with Ticket System, Fun and Role Management features!

Who is Ocavy?

Ocavy is a friendly avocado, based on Moderation. Ocavy is created to moderate your server with advanced moderation commands and features. The bot also offers a Ticket System and Fun commands.


Basically Ocavy doesn’t need to get set up. But Ocavy is a Moderation bot and requires for some moderation commands a Moderator Role that needs to get set up before you can use multiple commands.
To set up a Moderator Role has a reason: This function is a security feature for servers. We want to prevent that simply everyone without those permissions can use moderation commands (when no Moderator Role is set), that only Moderators+ should use.

For more infos about the commands use +help.

Ocavy would be very happy if you invite him to your beautiful server!


If you need support please contact us via Mod Mail on discord. Use +help modmail for Infos about using Mod Mail.

A second option would be by visiting our Help Center and either to create a ticket at Submit Ticket or to start a live chat at Support Chat.


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Created by: Sib#9836
Short link: discord.ly/ocavy