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Servers: 16,065
Users: 708,070
Upvotes this month: 2
Prefix: ! (Customisable)
Created by: Big P#1843
Short link: discord.ly/ocelotbot
OcelotBOT is the best bot for memes, games, and tools. Dozens of useful commands such as !8ball, !ping and !trivia and image memes such as !mafia and !crush

OcelotBOT is a general purpose tool and meme bot.
You can find the command list below, or in discord using !help
Command Name Usage - (Without the brackets)
Magic 8-ball: !8ball <question>
Achievement Get!: !achievement <text>
Admin: !admin
Wise Advice: !advice
Artificial Intelligence [NSFW]: !ai <question>
User Avatar: !avatar <@User>
B-ify: !b <url>
Band Name Generator: !bandname
Barcode Generator: !barcode <text>
So Sad Meme: !beatmywife [url]
Bernie Meme: !bernie <text>
Big Text Generator: !bigtext <text>
Bulge Image: !bulge [url]
Calculator: !calc [sum]
Chess: !chess start <@player>/<move>
Chinese Text: !chinese <text>
Christmas Countdown: !christmas
Clap Text: !clap <text>
Compliment: !compliment <person>
Topic Context: !context
Crush: !crush <user or url>
Dictionary Lookup: !define <word>
Urban Dictionary: !defineud <word>
Dictator Meme: !dictator <user or url>
Doot Doot: !doot
Emoji Search: !emoji <term>
This is epic meme: !epic [url]
Expand: !expand <word>
Face Recognition: !face [url] or embed
Leave Feedback: !feedback [message]
Bot Invite Link: !invite
Make Female: !female [URL]
Coin Flip: !flip
Halloween Countdown: !halloween
Handicapped Meme: !handicap <text>
Help Command: !help [command]
Patient Says: !patient <text>
Identify Image: !identify [URL]
Implode Image: !implode [url]
Insult Generator [NSFW]: !insult <person>
IP Info: !ipinfo <ip>
Jesus Meme: !jesus <text>
Available Languages: !languages
Last Crash: !lastcrash
Lower Image: !lower [url]
Mafia Boss: !mafia <@user1> <@user2>
Maxi Code Generator: !maxi <text>
Meme: !meme <meme/list/add <name> <url>>
Monochrome Image: !monochrome [url]
Moon Phases: !moon
Morse Code Generator: !morse <text>
New Nickname Generator: !newnick
Noot Noot: !noot
Number Fact: !numberfact <number>
Make Older: !old [URL]
On This Day: !onthisday
Strong Opinions Meme: !opinions <text>
Petify: !petify join/leave/skip
Ping Address: !ping <address> [timeout]
Playing stats: !playing <game>
Generate Poem: !poem
Porn Suggest [NSFW]: !pornsuggest [country] [gay/straight/tranny]
User Profile: !profile help
QR Code Generator: !qr <text>
Random Quote: !quote [user] [phrase]
Rate: !rate <thing>
Reminders: !remind <in> “<message>”
It’s Rewind Time: !rewind [url]
Ronald Says: !ronald <text>
Screenshot Website: !screenshot <URL>
Source Server Info: !serverinfo ip:port
Bot Settings: !settings help/set/list
Sexy Dice [NSFW]: !sexydice
Sexy Singles: !sexysingle <user or url>
Ship Generator: !ship <@user1> <@user2> …
Shy Meme: !shy <text>
Auto-Smile: !smile [URL]
We live in a society meme: !society [url]
Guess The Song: !guess
Spell with Reactions: !spell [^] <send>
Spongebob: !spongebob [text]
Spook: !spook <user>
Stats Command: !stats
Subscriptions: !subscriptions add/list/remove
Swirl Image: !swirl [url]
Tic Tac Toe: !tictactoe start <@player>/<grid position>
Time: !time [timezone]
Topic Control: !topic [index/up/down/set] <url>
Trivia: !trivia leaderboard monthly
User Info: !user <@User>
User Stats: !userstats <user>
VirusTotal Scan: !virustotal <URL>
Vote For OcelotBOT: !vote
Wave Image: !wave [url]
Weather: !weather <place>
Wikipedia Search: !wiki <term>
Make Younger: !young [URL]