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Full OcelotBOT Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Multipurpose commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.
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OcelotBOT Discord Bot Described

: Dank memes, Games, Trivia, NotSoBot style image filters, music, guessing games, memer generators, image search and hundreds of fun commands!

OcelotBOT is a general purpose tool and meme bot.
You can find the command list below, or in discord using !help

Command Name Usage (Without the brackets)
Magic 8-ball !8ball <question>
Wise Advice !advice
Artifical Intelligence !ai <message>
Apex Stats !apex [platform] <player>
User Avatar !avatar <@User>
B-ify !b <url>
Band Name Generator !bandname
Barcode Generator !barcode <text>
So Sad Meme !beatmywife [url]
Bernie Meme !bernie <text>
Big Text Generator !bigtext <text>
Birthdays List !birthday help/@user/add/list
Bulge Image !bulge [url]
Calculator !calc [sum]
Chess !chess start <@player>/<move>
Chinese Text !chinese <text>
Christmas Countdown !christmas
Clap Text !clap <text>
Colour Code !colour <code>
Command Count !commandcount
Compliment NSFW !compliment <person>
Crop Image !crop [URL]
Crush !crush <user or url>
Curse Image !curse [url]
Deepfry !deepfry [url]
Dictionary Lookup !define <word>
Urban Dictionary !defineud <word>
Dictator Meme !dictator <user or url>
Doot Doot !doot
Edgy Text !edgy <text>
Emoji Search !emoji <term>
This is epic meme !epic [url]
Error Message Generator !error <message>
Expand !expand <word>
Red Eyes !eyes [url or @user]
Face Recognition !face [url] or embed
Leave Feedback !feedback [message]
Fire Text Generator !firetext <text>
Coin Flip !flip
Fortnite Stats !fortnite [platform] <player>
Friendship ended with !friendship <@user1> <@user2>
Halloween Countdown !halloween
Handicapped Meme !handicap <text>
Harry Potter Text Generator !potter <text>
Help Command !help [command]
Horny License !horny <user or url>
Patient Says !patient <text>
Ice Text Generator !icetext <text>
Identify Image !identify [URL]
Google Image Search !image <text>
Imitate User !imitate <@user> <message>
Implode Image !implode [url]
Insult Generator !insult <person>
Bot Invite Link !invite
IP Info !ipinfo <ip>
Jesus Meme !jesus <text>
JPEG-ify !jpeg [url]
Available Languages !languages
Last Crash !lastcrash
Love Text Generator !lovetext <text>
Mafia Boss !mafia <@user1> <@user2>
Maxi Code Generator !maxi <text>
Meme !meme help
Mirror Image !mirror [url]
Monochrome Image !monochrome [url]
Music Streaming !music help/play/skip
New Nickname Generator !newnick
Noot Noot !noot
Number Fact !numberfact <number>
Omegle !omegle <start/end>
Opinion on NSFW !opinion <person>
Strong Opinions Meme !opinions <text>
Overlay Images !overlay <image1> <image2>
Oil Painting !paint [url]
Pet Pet !pet [url or @user]
Ping Address !ping <address>
Poll !poll <option 1, option 2, option 3…>
Porn Suggest NSFW !pornsuggest <search>
Ocelot Premium !premium
User Profile !profile help
QR Code Generator !qr <text>
Rate !rate <thing>
Reminders !remind <in> “<message>”
Remove Background !removebg [URL]
Ronald Says !ronald <text>
Rotate Image !rotate [url] [deg]
Rule34 Search NSFW !rule34 <search>
Screenshot Website !screenshot <URL>
Source Server Info !serverinfo ip:port
Bot Settings !settings help/set/list/enableCommand/disableCommand
Sexy Dice NSFW !sexydice
Sexy Singles !sexysingle <@user or url>
Sharpen Image !sharpen [url]
Ship Generator !ship <@user1> <@user2> …
Shy Meme !shy <text>
Snapchat Text !snapchat [url] [text]
Snapcode Generator !snapcode <username>
We live in a society meme !society [url]
Guess The Song !guess [stop/stats/leaderboard]
Spell with Reactions !spell [^] <send>
Spoilerise Text !spoiler <text>
Spongebob !spongebob [text]
Spook !spook <user>
Spread Image !spread [url]
Stats !stats
Steal Emoji !esteal <URL or emoji>
Swirl Image !swirl [url]
Tic Tac Toe !tictactoe start <@player>/<grid position>
Tile Images !tile <image1> <image2>
Time !time [timezone]
Trim Image !trim [url]
Trivia !trivia leaderboard monthly
Unshorten URL !unshorten <url>
User Info !user <@User>
User Settings !usersettings help/set/list/enableCommand/disableCommand
User Stats !userstats <user>
Vote For OcelotBOT !vote
Wave Image !wave [url]
Weather !weather <place>
Wikipedia Search !wiki <term>
Zork !zork <text>
Zalgo Text !zalgo <text>
Zoom Image !zoom [url]
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this bot suitable for more wholesome servers?

OcelotBOT has a wholesome mode that disables commands that might be offensive, and disallows swearing inside it’s commands. If this still is not to your liking, you can disable specific commands too. Just type !settings to learn more.

Can I change OcelotBOT's prefix?

Yes, you can change the prefix to anything you like using !settings set prefix. If you forget the prefix, typing @OcelotBOT help at any time will give you the correct prefix.

How can I make my own commands?

OcelotBOT has a custom command feature that lets you write commands in lua. The documentation for this is available at https://docs.ocelotbot.xyz

Do I have to pay for OcelotBOT?

OcelotBOT is free, however you can support the bot on patreon and get access to reduced rate limits and more. Learn more: https://ocelotbot.xyz/premium

How do I stream music?

You can stream music with OcelotBOT with !m. Just type !m play followed by what you want - it can be a YouTube link or a search term.

How do I add OcelotBOT Discord Bot to my server?

You can add OcelotBOT to your Discord Server by pressing ‘Add OcelotBOT Discord Bot’ on this page.

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