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OpenCityBot is a multipurpose fun and tunnel bot. It has mostly asked Voice Text Linking, and Global Chat.

Welcome to OpenCity, This is OpenCityBot! I have the following features running with me!

Completed features (No extra features added when it is moved to this list):

  1. Info Commands.
  2. Applications.
  3. Voice Text Linking.
  4. Gate Keeper.
  5. Role System.
  6. Join to Create Voice Channels.

Working In Progress:

  1. Not Customizable Levelling (including roles and xps, but setting channels and changing level up messages are available)
  2. Suggestions system (WIP) (Not Customisable)
  3. *Moderation. (WIP)
  4. Fun Commands (WIP)
  5. Report system. (WIP) (Not customizable)
  6. Reaction roles. (WIP) (Most features are done)
  7. Global_Chat. (WIP) (Not customizable | will add a feature to change the embed for each server.)
  8. Utilities (colour, avatar, bookmark, quote, more will be added)
  9. Tunnel System. (WIP)
  10. Ticket System. (WIP) (Not that customizable)

*Bans and Kicks will be based on roles by default. You need to turn it off to ban and kick from server. (WIP)

All features will enabled (soon disabled) by default. You can just do o!plugin enable "What plugin you need".
To disable just do o!plugin disable "What plugin you don't need".
No need of quotes!

Planned Features:

  1. Timed Reaction Roles.
  2. Logging
  3. *Levelling. (Customisable)
  4. Configurable bot. (ATM the bot is not configurable but the prefix and plugins are configurable.)
  5. Unique reaction roles.
  6. Programmable Reaction Roles. (Difficult to do)
  7. Dashboard (Non existent priority)
  8. Direct Message Support. (for other servers too.)
  9. Moving JSON based data into PostgreSQL. (WIP)
  10. Ban On Leave. (TOGGLABLE) (WIP)
  11. Music
  12. Economy System (like UnbelievaBoat)

*ATM they are not customisable.

Thank you.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: o! (changable)
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Sairam#1724
Short link: discord.ly/opencitybot