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Full onlyfortest Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Moderation commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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onlyfortest Discord Bot Described:

This bot helps in moderation, entertains, and play musics. It combines commands that multiple bots can do in one.

The commands this bot can do are divided in differnt sections: admin, game,music, and public. Each sections commands can be seen by typing (+help). There are generral commands which are bot, ping, and boost. The admin section contains three commands which are embed, clear and report.Embed is when you type a sentence after the command, so the bot can say it in the chat. Clear delets the top 50 messages in the chat it is used in. Finally, report sends a message to the owner where you can send issues. Next, comes the game section. This section contains two public commmands: Kill and hug. When you type kill you have to metion someone in the server after it. Then, a gif appears of someone shooting at you. The next command is the oppisite of kill; hug. Like kill you have to mention someones name after. Next, a gif of a bear hugging another bear appers. The next game command is fkk. which is an arabic game. It gives you a word, and you have 20 seconds to seperate the letters of the word. After the game section is the music section. In the music section there are three commands: play, skip, and stop. plays the song you write after. Stop stops the song, and skip skips the song. You can skip because you can qoue songs. The last section is all or public. It contains three commands. Server, server avatar, and invite. Server shows the server stats like the owner. After that, comes the server avatar, which is self explanatory. The last command in the public section is invite. This command is used to DM someone asking them if they want to add the bot in their server. Also, there are some commands that dont need prefixs. For example if you write hi the robot says hello, and if you write how are you it says good. Keep in mind that we will update this bot activley and make new commands and adjusments. For example we will add a credit mechanism and reaction role. I hope you accept this request and than you for your time

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add onlyfortest Discord Bot to my server?

You can add onlyfortest to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add onlyfortest Discord Bot' on this page.

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