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A multipurpose bot with music, moderation and a lot of other features. Add @PantherBot to your server today!
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PantherBot is a multi-purpose Discord bot. It originally started as a fun project for the server of my school’s club. Gradually, I decided to turn this into a global bot, and there are a good number of servers now, which like and appreciate PantherBot.

PantherBot is extremely easy to use, with lots of cool features. The categories of commands are outlined below:

  • General
  • Moderation
  • Settings
  • Music
  • Economy
  • Utility
  • Role Management
  • Fun

Add PantherBot to your server and use $help to get a list of all the cool commands. To get more information on a command, use $help command-name

The prefix is cutomizable too, just use $prefix new-prefix to set the new identifier for PantherBot. You can even mention the bot with the command, which eliminates the need of the prefix altogether. For example, @PantherBot help will send the list of available commands, just like $help.

If you want help with the bot, or have any suggestions, join the support server. In addition, any errors that might be thrown during the execution of a command are logged in the support server as well.

I’ve put in a lot of effort in the development and maintenance of PantherBot. Hope you like my creation! :-)

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.