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Phantom is an awesome custom setting bot that has tons of fun commands and more to come! Phantom is sure to make your server more fun!
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Phantom is a multipurpose bot that is updated regularly with custom settings, All administrative commands are easy to change and customize.

For help, do -help

Features such as:

  • 8ball :: Ask the 8ball for your destiny!
  • achievement :: Creates an Achievement.
  • beautiful :: Admire the beauty of another user.
  • beer :: Have a beer with your friends!
  • blame :: Assign the blame to someone else.
  • cry :: For when you just can’t keep it in.
  • cuddle :: Cuddle your friends!
  • duel :: Duel with someone!
  • flipcoin :: Flip a coin for some fun.
  • fml :: Grabs a random fml story.
  • gif :: Searches Giphy for GIFs
  • hug :: Hug your friends!
  • inspire :: Get random inspirational quotes from an AI.
  • kiss :: Give someone a kiss
  • lick :: lick your friends!
  • meme :: Sends a random meme
  • mock :: mock your friends!!
  • nom :: nom on your friends!
  • pick :: Pick out of a list
  • poke :: Poke your friends!
  • poll :: Do votes with your friends
  • rate :: Rate your self!
  • roll :: Roll the dice!
  • roulette :: Russian Roulette test your luck
  • shoot :: Shoots yer friendz!
  • sigh :: Dramatic sigh text
  • slap :: Slap another user as Batman.
  • slot :: Play the slot machines to see if you win!
  • thumbs :: Give a thumbs up as another user.
  • triggered :: Trigger someone…
  • yoda :: With this, like Yoda you can speak. Yes
  • yomomma :: Disrespect someone’s mother with this.

And more…

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.