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Phantomic Discord Bot Described:

A Phantom that does NOTHING [Not Really] Phantomic is a simple bot meant to do things like Music,Moderation...You can read the rest yourself

Although Phantom prefers to state “I Do Nothing” he is actually capable of performing various innovative, creative and entertaining commands.
Allow me to introduce just some of the many commands that will surely bring intrest and exicitement to your server
To view all the commands use (~!commands) once invited to the server

Fun-The Essence of Life… I guess Phantoms have fun too
(~!power) - Check Out just how much power you actually have
(~!bubbletea) - Who doesnt like a nice cup of tea?, excluding you coffee lovers
–Catch n Trade–
Catch and Trade is a pokemon inspired command set which well… I’ll let you figure it out on your own
(~!catch) - Catch another member
(~!mypokemon) - View your currently caught members
(~!trade) - Trade uh… members with other member I guess
(~!release) - Release specific members you have currently have

Music-Rhythms that awaken the soul
(~!play)-Plays your music from a link or searches youtube using a keyword
(~!pause/~!resume)-Does what the command says
(~!queue)-Displays current queue of songs
(~!skip)-Skips the current song
(~!playing)-Displays what the current song is
(~!stop/~!dc)-Stops the music and disconnects from the VC
"Sound Quality is extreamly important to the bot owner, if you feel that there is any glitching or lags please report it as a error in the support server
Economy-A global economy based on… s o u l s
(~!sstart)-Start your journey to collect souls
(~!sinventory)-View any items you have come across
(~!svendor)-Use the souls you have collected to do various things such as getting youself a Pet! (Will go over this later on)
(~!ssell)-Sell Un-needed items
(~!soullink)-Link you soul to that beloved one (same thing as marrying lol)

Pets-Your Virtual Companion
(~!pet)-View your current pet (Needs to be purchased from the vendor)
(~!pplay,~!pclean,~!pfeed) - Fufill your pets daily needs to recieve a love filled gift from you companion

Actions-Hand-picked Anime Gifs cause why not?
Phantomic has capabilitys to implement a mode that prevents Gifs from showing up, this way members can still use Actions without flooding the channel in gifs
(~!morning)-Rise and Shine!
(~!cuddle)-A warm and cozy cuddle
(~!confusion)-Life makes no sense @.@
(~!bite)-Fear the bite

Utility/Info-Always Nice to have these commands handy
(~!avatar)-Get A Full size image of you Profile Picture
(~!discordtag)-Easily get your tag (Useful for fishing out those sneaky impersonators)
(~!admincheck)-Check if you have admin permissions in this server
(~!autopoll)-Create Polls for your members to vote on certain events,occasion or… anything
(~!info)-A little bit about Phantomic and his support server
(~!invite)-A Invite Link for Phantomic
(~!commands)-Displays all the current commands for Phantomic

Moderation-Keep Control over your server
(~!kick)-Kicks a member from the server
(~!ban/~!unban)-Swing that Ban Hammer!!! >:|
(~!clear)-Clear certain amount of messages in a channel
(~!configs)-View Configurations set for the server such as KawaiiInterlink, MiniAction Mode and Triggers

Triggers need to be enabled by a admin using “~!trigger”
(meow/rawr)- I let you figure out what these do
(woomy)- (Other Splatoon Sounds are accepted as triggers too)
(cookie) - This one is Special, just saying

Phantomic is a bot that is still being actively devolped, new updates are rolling out espically for some newer modules like the Economy or Pets, As a bot developer you comments, criticism and suggesstions are extreamly important to me so be sure to join the support server and tell me what you think about Phantomic
That being said, It would greatly help if even the most minor and insignificent errors are reported including things simple as grammer errors

I wish to make Phantomic into a amazing bot that the Discord Community can enjoy and im sure Phantomic wants that too…I think

Stop By The Support Server if u need some help [ ]

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Phantomic Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Phantomic to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Phantomic Discord Bot' on this page.

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