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Users: 117,039
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Created by: __NightShade256__#5169
A multi-purpose discord bot with music, polls and more.


A multi-purpose discord bot with music, polls and more.


  1. Music: Music with volume, seek and equalizer support.
  2. Polls: Public and Anonymous reaction-based polls.
  3. Text-Notes: Store and retrieve short text notes.
  4. Welcome/Leave Images: Set the bot to welcome new members with beautiful welcome images.
  5. Moderation: Simple moderation, with Mod-Log and Auto-Role coming in the future.
  6. Utility: Photon aims to pack a lot of utility commands, more added with each update.


The bot aims to be rock-solid stable while offering many features. But, if you find any bug, please report that in the support server so that it can be fixed in the next build.


Currently, the bot has no premium tiers, but in the future due to hosting fees and other costs, we may be compelled to introduce one. But all the features in the bot will remain free forever. Premium tiers will only offer additional benefits over the current features.


The team behind Photon respects its user's privacy. No logs are stored concerning servers and users. Only important logs pertaining to the bot core are saved. The bot is fully open-sourced under the MIT license. You can check the source code and verify the same.