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Run your own PizzaTown! Bake pizzas, buy toppings, deliver said pizzas! Become the richest PizzaTown out there!

Get your own PizzaTown:
1. Making money with baking Pizzas!
a. Use !menu to choose what pizzas to bake!
b. Run !bake to make pizzas!
c. However, you can run out of toppings! So use !toppings or !shop to get some!

Make as much money as possible!
Increase your hourly income with !upgrades.

Compete with others!
Compete with others using !leaderboards.

⚠️You need to give the bot Send Messages and Embed Links (for !invite and !support) permissions or the bot will not work!

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Prefix: ! [Customizable]
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Rocky43007#7727
Short link: discord.ly/pizzatown