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The best helper for your pokemon bots with catches tracker/leaderboard , shiny hunt pings, global economy , gambling and many fun commands like pokemon fusion.

This bot tracks your catches in pokemon bots. Currently tracking catches for four bots poketwo/pokemon/deriver/pokeworld with daily and weekly too.
Do -stats poketwo/pokemon/deriver/pokeworld to get your recorded stats on a server.
The bot also provides leaderboard for daily, weekly or total (guild specific).
You can reset daily/weekly catches using -reset command.
Admins can assign poke managers who can edit bot prefix and reset catches too.

Other than tracking module bot also provides shiny hunt ping.
do -sh pokemon name to add a pokemon to your shiny hunt list.
want to help others catch their shiny hunt pokemon? Do -p poke name which will ping users who shiny hunt that pokemon.
Do -sh clear to remove yourself from sh list.
Managers needs to enable sh in a channel using -add sh #channelname
Use the command again to remove the channel.

Curious to check your chances of your next shiny hunt pokemon being a shiny?
Use -shinyrate shiny hunt no.

Bot also provides some fun commands like fusion, dex and spawn command.
To use spawn command ask an admin or poke manager to enable the channel for spawns using -add spawn #channelname
Use the command again to remove the channel.

what else do you need? invite the bot now.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


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Servers: unknown
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Created by: Astrex#1905
Short link: discord.ly/poke-tracker