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Prefix: holdem!
Created by: Johnny#3826
Short link: discord.ly/poker
An extremely simple and straight-forward bot that allows you to play no limit Texas hold 'em poker against others in chat

Play poker (Texas hold’ em) against up to 19 other players in chat. The bot is very simple: ping it @Poker for info, start a game with holdem! <buy-in>.

Upon creating a game, the bot sends a message people can react to in order to join the game.

After a short period of time, the game starts and every participant is sent their cards via dm:

The actions of the game are then performed in the chat the game was started.

Everybody takes turns and places bets, and more community cards are revealed over time, as expected.

In this case, everybody (except the small blind, who folded) went all in in the turn round.

When there are no moves left to make or if the showdown is reached naturally, the bot calculates the best hand for each player and declares the winner(s). Here, there is only one pot, but it can also handle side pots if necessary.

When everybody except one person folds, the cards are not revealed of course.

This bot is a fun little side project and may or may not evolve into something bigger.
Currently, for example, the budgets are completely made up when starting a game, you don’t actually lose any chips or have any real balance.

Feel free to suggest changes and additions to me directly (Johnny#3826) or in the issues section of the github repository.