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Pokéverse - Chapter 2

12 upvotes in December
Pokemon: Spawn, Battle, Catch, Breed, Travel, Gyms, Seasons, Shiny, Raids, Megas, Forms, Z Moves, Teams, 1V1 & 6V6, Trading, Market

All-in-one full featured Pokémon bot for Discord, free of charge and being constantly updated with new features.
Stop guessing Pokémon names and waiting forever for updates.
This bot will give you a full Pokémon experience + extra and unique features.

Spawn, Battle, Catch, Train, Breed
Travel Locations, Battle In Gyms, Fly To Regions, Seasonal Locations
Shiny Pokemon, Shifter Pokemon, Lucky Pokemon, Bosses, Raiders, Mega Evolutions, Pokemon Forms, Z Moves, Shop
Server Teams, Battle Players 1V1 & 6V6, Trade With Players, Global Market, Lottery
Fast Support & Frequent Content Updates & So Much More!

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Created by: Bazooka#0001
Short link: discord.ly/pokeverse-chapter-2