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Created by: Sully#1841
Short link: discord.ly/poptart
Poptart is a bot meant for fun, games, support and moderation! It includes commands to determine what avenger or DC character you are, but also a full economy/ rpg system and a ticket system!

Poptart Bot is a bot meant for fun, games, support and moderation.

↳ 8ball, rolldice, who’s my soulmate, snap, yourmama jokes, jokes, urban dictionary, how gay
↳ random meme and gif generator
↳ kiss, hug, cuddle, slap commands
↳ full rpg + economy system with magic, quests, fight, work, crime, daily and more
↳ which avenger/dc/dere/celebrity commands
↳ moderation commands: kick, ban, unban
↳ support commands: ticket system, polls, clear
↳ support server
↳ gain information about server and users: myid, getid, myicon, userinfo, etc

Prefix: .help