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The Prism Discord Bot

Hello! This is Prism. Prism is a multipurpose, entertainment-based discord bot, with multiple other features including: currency, moderation, information gathering, custom server settings, and custom profiles.


Prism gives you tons of commands to use, so that way your never bored.


Prism is mainly focused around entertainment commands. These commands give you the combined ability to get some memes, clap some text, create some ascii art, or get a picture of cat. Yeah, weird.


Prism’s second, and most worked on priority is currency. Prism’s wide variety of currency commands give you the option to buy and sell items, rob someone, go work for some $$$, or enter the lottery.


Prism also has some rather informative commands, some of these including profiles, server information, and bot info.


Prism is focused on maintaining a easy to use, but feature-rich discord bot. Because of this, we decided to give custom settings a shot. Prism allows you to change server settings, set your profile bio, and edit enabled modules.

Data & Storage

Prism uses a online database to save and edit user and server data. By using Prism, you are agreeing to the following terms:

  • Prism is allowed to take all public discord information from your account and save it.
  • Prism is allowed to rapidly update and store information from your servers.
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Prefix: p! [Changable]
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: BenjaminGotBanned#0768
Short link: discord.ly/prism