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A bot for Productivity. Has the best To-Do lists and also has features like a {minute : second} timer and a reminder . It also has a reward system which rewards you for finishing tasks!

What can this Bot Do?

🔺To-Do lists📝 screenshot

🔺Minute : Second Timer⏱️

🔺Study Planner📚

🔺Rewards for completing tasks/study/assignments Timer🏆

🔺Task Reminder/Scheduler 📅

Why use this Bot?

🔺24/7 Online🟢

🔺User Privacy🔒

🔺Server independent. Data can be accessed from any server!

📝 To-Do lists
Show your list by $show
1) To add a specific task to a list - $add <task>
2)To edit a specific task from the list - $edit <tasknumber>
3)To delete a specific task from the list - $delete <tasknumber>
4)To mark a task as done - done <tasknumber>
5)To star a specific task - star <tasknumber>
6)To reset Your list - $reset
🍅 Pomodoro Timer
- To use the Pomodoro timer - $timer <duration in minutes>
📚 Task Reminder
- To use the task reminder- `$remind <amount><duration in s m h or d> <Task>
💰 Account statistics/Balance
- To check account statistics - $stats
- To get info about a particular item/collectable - $view <itemname>
Other commands can be accessed by - $help <pagenumber>
⚠️ To Give Bot suggestions or to get any type of Support , Join are support server by clicking here
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Prefix: $
Servers: unknown
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Created by: Asad#3130
Short link: discord.ly/productovo