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Invite Psycord Bot to your server and explore its unique Pokémon commands! Enjoy the old Pokecord theme with Psycord Discord Bot.

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💛 An innovative way to enjoy the Pokémon experience on Discord

Getting Started
/begin command will start your journey into the world of Psycord. Choose your starter and your username which will uniquely identify you.

/wild will allow you to encounter wild Pokémon in a given area. /fly will allow you to fly to other spawn areas which are generally type themed. Sealed chamber is a randomiser which spawns from any zone can be encountered.

/fish will cast your rod and allow you to fish for Pokémon exclusive to fishing.

In Psycord things go a bit further than just Shiny Pokémon. Here you are able to obtain Crystal, Pinkan, Shadow, Shiny and the rarer Golden/Purified forms. Each week a new announcement will be available for with Pokémon are purifyable with the /wild and /fish purifiables having event spawns in their respective spawn method, which include boosted variant rates. To purify a Pokémon it must be Shadow, Unevolved and in the purfication list for that week.
Variant hunting

Managing your Pokémon
/party will show your currently assembled party and allow you to reorder it. If you have less than 6 Pokémon in your party, anything you catch will automatically be added. /box will allow you to view all your Pokémon you currently have stored in your box (Party Pokémon wont show here). A max of 500 Pokémon will be listed at a time, so use the optional filters to narrow what you’re looking for. /fav to favourite a Pokémon which will not allow it to be released or traded accidentally, also allows for easier filtering. /release to release a Pokémon, if you don’t specify an ID then it will try to release the last thing you caught. Released Pokémon cannot be restored so be mindful.

/mart will will give you a list of available items for purchase and you can use /buy to do so.

/train will put you up against a trainer with level 100 Pokémon that will do 0 damage to your lead Pokémon and allowing you to do super/ultra effective damage to them and farm experience. If using a Normal Pokémon you will be put up against the Dark trainer as Normal has no super effective, try teaching it a Dark type move eg. Bite by using /moveset

/trade to request a trade from someone, using /box to view the IDs of your Pokémon you can use the buttons on the trade to add or remove Pokémon for offer. You cannot trade favourites or Pokémon not inside your box. You can also share currency by using the /give command, though this method has a tax to discourage alt trading. Don’t trade for promises as in the event of scams, the scammer may be banned but the traded goods likely will not be recovered. Doing so will be at your own risk.

Whilst hunting you may come across Mystery Eggs of varying rarity from your encounters. Use /egg incubate to start hatching your egg, each completed wild or fishing encounter counts as 1 step. Once you have reached the required steps you can /egg hatch to see what was inside. Each Pokémon inside is exclusive to eggs and unobtainable by other means.
/teams will allow you to join or create a team. You will gain 0.5% boost to Variant Charm rates per level of your team. (Max 50% boost)

/daily will award you a chance at some rare items or Pokeballs, some Pokedollars and Star Piece’. The longer you maintain a daily streak the more you will progessively earn each day. /vote you can vote for both the Bot and Server every 12 hours, giving a total of 4 votes per day. Votes give you a nice amount of Star Piece’ and Lottery Tickets, with the Bot vote giving you a chance at a Furfrou form.

/avatar will allow you to customise your trainers appearance, with a bunch of free to use items. /cosmetic shop will allow you to buy more cosmetic items for Star Piece’.

/card and /profile can show the stats and party of yourself or another player. The card is a nice trainer card display that shows your team in more detail aswell as your avatar stated above. You can use /customcard background to upload a custom background image for your card.

Following the above mention of custom card backgrounds, there are a few things subject to moderation. /nickname used to name your Pokémon (Only supporters can edit nicknames of Pokémon they didnt catch themselves), /bio to edit your /profile biography and your customcard are all subject to moderation, which means it gets sent off to staff to make sure it’s deemed appropriate for the playerbase. eg. No racist/derogatory nicknames or bios and no NSFW card backgrounds.

Need more help?
If you need help outside what is stated above feel free to join the support server, we have players who are ready to help or answer questions you might have!

Thank you for looking into Psycord and I hope you enjoy your time, with 💙 from Sphex

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Psycord Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Psycord to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Psycord Discord Bot' on this page.

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