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Discord LFG made simple. Easily organise your games. Whether your LFG requests are for CS:GO or Minecraft, Purnell has you covered.
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Purnell is the most advanced LFG (Looking for Game) bot available on Discord!
Featuring the ability to make requests within but also in between servers, automatic voice channel creation and much more!

Adding the bot

To add the bot, use the invite link above or use the Purnell web dashboard


Below is a list of features currently existing in Purnell:

  • Universal support for any game
  • Automatic notifications via DM for when your game is ready
  • The ability to attach hidden information to an LFG request (game join codes, links etc.)
  • Interserver matchmaking
  • Automatic voice channel creation/deletion (with customizable names
  • Game icons and game specific flavourtext (for supported games only)
  • Online portal for configuring settings for your server
  • Interactive LFG request setup
  • Scheduled LFG requests
  • Slash commands and Discord UI buttons

Upcoming Features

Below is a list of features planned in up and coming releases:

  • User reviewing, and rating based matchmaking
  • The ability to launch games directly from an LFG request

Issues and Suggestions

Issues with Purnell, along with any suggestions for its improvement can be reported in the Purnell Support server

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.