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Prefix: ! or custom
Created by: Mitmoc#0001
Short link: discord.ly/raid-helper
Raid events to sign up via reaction. wowhead items. world of warcraft | classic | vanilla | wow | organizer | ffxiv | calendar | raiding

This bot is still in active development. Therefore changes and bugs may occur.
It also means I am actively trying to implement user suggestions made on the support server.

All commands are entered without the [ ] shown here!

Commands: Info: Example:
!setPrefix [prefix] Change the prefix used for commands on this server. !setprefix +
!setManagerRole [role name] Set the role that serves as manager. !setmanagerrole Officer
!setTimezone [-12 to +12] Set the timezone for this server. !settimezone +2
!createEvent Start the event creation process. !createevent
!endEvent [message id] End this event. !endevent 604…
!editEvent [message id] Start the event edit process. !editevent 604…
!recoverReactions [message id] Renew a raids reactions in case some get manually removed. !recoverreactions 604…
!removeUser [message id] [name] Remove a user from an event. !removeuser 604… Mitmoc
!addUser [message id] [user id] [class name] Add a user with the specified class to an event. !adduser 604… 249… Rogue
!messageAll [message id] [text] Sends a message to all participants of the specified event. !messageall 604… hello, everyone!
!info Information about the bot, author and support server. !info
!roll Rolls a number between 1 and 100. !roll
!serverSettings Displays current manager, prefix and timezone !serversettings
!item [item name] Displays a picture of the searched item !item hand of ragnaros


Set the manager role with the setmanagerrole command, optionally your timezone in UTC with the settimezone command and also optionally a custom prefix with the setprefix command.
For these commands you need the manage server permission. The following commands are enabled for everyone with the manager role assigned:

!createevent will take you through the event setup process via DM.
The bot will ask name, description, date, time and template of you. If you choose the advanced settings you can also alter the deadline, maximum Sign-Ups, maximum Sign-Ups per user and who to ping on creation.
After the setup, the bot will create the event in the specified channel.

Once that is there, people can join by clicking on the reaction for their class.
You can delete an event by deleting the message, or if you want to close Sign-Ups before the deadline while preserving the message and previous Sign-Ups, you can use the endevent command.


▶ The bot doesn’t react to any of my commands ?

If the bot doesn’t even react to roll or serversettings commands, then the bot most likely doesn’t have permission to read or write in the current channel.
Check over the permissions set for the bot in that channel.

▶ The bot reacts to messages but !createevent doesn’t work ?

More than likely you have not set the manager role properly. Make sure by using !serversettings and check the currently set manager role.
Make sure there are no brackets or other characters that are not strictly part of the role name that you have chosen.
Also make sure you actually have the role, otherwise you are not permitted to use the !createevent obviously.

▶ I forgot what I set the prefix to and can’t change it ?

Type !serversettings, this command always works with ‘!’ too. Copy paste the set prefix, whatever it is, and append setprefix ! to it.
That way you have reset the prefix to ‘!’.

▶ I want to edit the event, but I can’t retrieve the message id from the event ?

If you click on the top right of a messages options and don’t see the ‘copy ID’ button,
Go into your Discord settings under appearance and activate developer mode.

▶ The event turned red and nobody is able to sign-up anymore ?

Either you have ended the event with the endevent command or the time you set for the event minus the deadline has passed.
The set time marks the point the event will not accept any further sign-ups. It can be offset by the deadline to close Sign-Ups xx hours before the event is happening.

▶ I accidentally removed some of the bots reactions and can’t get them back on ?

Use the recoverreactions command. The bot will remove all reactions of the specified event and re apply them again.

▶ Can I limit the amount of Sign-Ups per class ?

Yes, but not on creation. Use the editevent command and pick the ‘class limit’ option.