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Created by: Sicken_L#8429
Short link: discord.ly/rbxbolt
A multi-purpose Discord bot that is easy to use with features like web dashboard, custom commands, detailed searching, Roblox features, Roblox verification system, music and much more!
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  • With over 50,000+ verified Robloxian!
  • Easy to use.
  • We have a web dashboard instead of commands.
  • Detailed user information, asset information, group information and much more.
  • A binding system to allow you to bind asset, gamepass and devforum ranks.
  • Custom Command to create a command that will response with the text.
  • Set Roblox age limit for your Discord server.
  • Setup a system to log users in your server once they have verified their Discord account with Roblox.
Support our development to keep the bot running and more new commands by being a Patreon and receive premium exclusive commands and features.
Patreon: patreon.com/rbxbolt

addaccount, deleteaccount, discordid, getaccounts, getroles, switchuser, unverify, verify


assetinfo, channelinfo, covid19, devforuminfo, discordinfo, gamepassinfo, groupinfo, ingroup, news, ownasset, roleinfo, serverinfo, userinfo, ytchannelinfo


8ball, cat, choose, dog, gif, panda, urban


roles, avatar, catfacts, docs, dogfacts, features, help, info, invite, membercount, pandafacts, ping, prefix, premium, redeem, statistics, status, suggest, texttomc, translatemc, uptime, vote, parrotfacts, birdfacts


nowplaying, play, playlist, skip, stop, volume


bind, deletebind, massbinds, unbind, unbindall, viewallbinds, viewbinds


createchannel, createemoji, createinvite, verifychannel

Roblox (Premium)

acceptjoin, botinfo, declinejoin, demote, exile, follow, groupsummary, joinrequests, post, promote, rank, shout, unfollow


close, rename, ticket


announce, customizebot, dynamicroles, embed, message, poll, resetsettings, role, settings, setup, updateroles, verifyall


autoverification, nickname, nicknametemplate, welcomemessage

What you will get for Premium?
  • Distinguish yourself from other members with a Customer role in our Discord server. Be proud of being a client of RBXBolt. We are one of the top bots in Roblox.
  • If you enable group shouts from the dashboard, you will be able to receive updates automatically when your group shout is updated.
  • Relay of group audit logs to a Discord channel.
  • Promote or demote your members rank in Roblox by using a command. Example: There are 3 ranks in your group (owner, admin and member). John is admin and you’re the owner. You used the demote command on him. He will be demoted to member.
  • Rank your group members from Discord to a specified rank.
  • Kick a player out from your group by using a command.
  • Update your member roles and name when they chat to ensure you do not have to do it.
  • Update everyone’s roles and nickname in your server with one command.
  • Lock your server for only group members to join.
  • You can bind more Roblox ranks to Discord roles. You can also bind assets to Discord roles. Example: If someone purchase a gamepass, they will receive the role in Discord.
  • Setup your own customer service system. You can rename the ticket as well.
  • Update your group shout in Roblox from Discord. Useful for those who wants to do it on mobile.
  • Send a group wall message to Roblox from Discord.
  • Follow or unfollow a Roblox user from Discord with your bot account. This requires cookie to be used in your dashboard.
  • Display a list of join requests which are pending.
  • Accept or decline a join request from Discord.
  • Many more!