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Invite RBXBolt Bot to your server and enjoy its amazing features like Web Dashboard, Custom Commands, Detailed Searching and Roblox Features. Discord Bot.

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RBXBolt Discord Bot Described:

A multi-purpose Discord bot that is easy to use with features like web dashboard, custom commands, detailed searching, Roblox features, Roblox verification system, music and much more!
  • With over 75,000+ verified Robloxian!
  • Easy to use with Web Dashboard
  • Detailed user information, asset information, group information and much more.
  • A binding system to allow you to bind asset, gamepass and devforum ranks.
  • Custom Commands to allow you to create a response.
  • Restrict users in your server to a certain age limit.
  • Setup a system to log users in your server once they have verified their Discord account with Roblox.
  • Auto post new announcements from <a href=“https://devforum.roblox.com/c/public/public-updates-announcements” target="_blank">DevForum Public Announcements.</a>
  • Lock your server to members in your group only.
Support our development to keep the bot running and more new commands by being a <a href=“https://www.patreon.com/rbxbolt” target="_blank">Patreon</a> and receive premium exclusive commands and features.

<strong style=“font-size: 16px”>Account</strong>
addaccount, deleteaccount, discordid, getaccounts, getroles, switchuser, unverify, verify

<strong style=“font-size: 16px”>Information</strong>
accountage, assetinfo, audiosearch, badge, badgecount, badges, channelinfo, covid19, devforuminfo, discordinfo,
discordsearch, followers, following, friends, gamepassinfo,
groupicon, groupinfo, groupmembercount, groupmembers,
grouproles, ingroup, news, ownasset, robloxavatar,
roleinfo, serverinfo, time, userinfo

<strong style=“font-size: 16px”>Fun</strong>
8ball, cat, choose, dog, gif, koala, panda, urban

<strong style=“font-size: 16px”>Miscellaneous</strong>
avatar, birdfacts, catfacts, docs, dogfacts, features, help, info, invite, koalafacts,
membercount, pandafacts, parrotfacts, ping, prefix, premium, randomfact, redeem, roles, statistics,
status, suggest, texttomc, translatemc, uptime, vote

<strong style=“font-size: 16px”>Music</strong>
loop, nowplaying, pause, play, playlist, remove, replay, resume, skip, skipto, soundcloud, stop, volume

<strong style=“font-size: 16px”>Binds</strong>
bind, deletebind, massbinds, unbindall, viewallbinds, viewbinds

<strong style=“font-size: 16px”>Create</strong>
createchannel, createinvite, verifychannel

<strong style=“font-size: 16px”>Roblox (Premium)</strong>
acceptjoin, botinfo, declinejoin, demote, exile, follow,
groupsummary, joinrequests, post, promote, rank, shout, unfollow

<strong style=“font-size: 16px”>Support</strong>
adduser, close, removeuser, rename, ticket

<strong style=“font-size: 16px”>Administration</strong>
announce, customizebot, dynamicroles, embed, message, poll, role, setup, updateroles, verifyall

<strong style=“font-size: 16px”>Settings</strong>
autoverification, nickname, nicknametemplate, resetsettings, settings, welcomemessage

What you will get for Premium?
  • Distinguish yourself from other members with a Customer role in our Discord server. Be proud of being a client of RBXBolt. We are one of the top bots in Roblox.
  • Customize the avatar and name of the bot (!customizebot)
  • More groups allowed to be added to the Group Lock.
  • If you enable group shouts from the web dashboard, you will be able to receive updates automatically when your group shout is updated.
  • Relay of group audit logs to a Discord channel. Group actions such as ranking, accepting join requests and etc can be logged into a Discord channel.
  • Promote or demote your members rank in Roblox by using a command. Example: There are 3 ranks in your group (owner, admin and member). John is admin and you’re the owner. You used the demote command on him. He will be demoted to member.
  • Rank your group members from Discord to a specified rank.
  • Kick a player out from your group by using a command.
  • Update your member roles and name when they chat to ensure you do not have to do it.
  • Set Roblox age limit for your Discord server.
  • Update everyone’s roles and nickname in your server with one command.
  • Unlimited bindings to bind all you want.
  • Update your group shout in Roblox from Discord. Useful for those who wants to do it on mobile.
  • Send a group wall message to Roblox from Discord.
  • Follow or unfollow a Roblox user from Discord with your bot account. This requires cookie to be used. Can be updated from the web dashboard.
  • Display a list of join requests which are pending.
  • Accept or decline a join request from Discord.
  • Member Counter
  • Relay message sent to your ROBLOX profile to a Discord Channel.
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add RBXBolt Discord Bot to my server?

You can add RBXBolt to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add RBXBolt Discord Bot' on this page.

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