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Add Recon Bot to your server and use its powerful Google searching commands to get live information and intel. Invite Recon Discord Bot today!

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Recon Discord Bot Described:

Boost Your Server's Intel and Engagement With Recon 🧠. Live Searching and Information on Anything. Custom Google Searches🔎, etc.
Recon - The Information Hub of Discord

Recon Gathers Information From API’s Across the Web for Quick Access on Discord

Inviting the Bot

Go to this link to access the bot.

Prefix: intel Command List: (visable within bot with intel help)

intel google (anything) (Google Search) (Powered by Google) (-$20)


intel poll (anything) (Creates a Poll with Custom Image for Decoration :) (+$5)

intel ping (Pings Recon)

intel help (Command List)


intel covid (us) (API Not State-Specific Yet) (The Covid Tracking Project API) (+$5)

intel image (ImageName) (Gives You An Image) (Unsplash API) (+$5)

intel ipinfo (ip address) (Geographical Information about any IP) (IpInfo API) (+$5)

intel movie (movie title) (Information about any Movie) (New York Times Movie API) (+$5)


intel balance (Current Balance)

intel donate (@User) ($X) (Current Balance)

intel hunt (-$5, 1% Chance of Getting $250)

intel rps (rock/paper/scissors) (Rock Paper Scissors Gamble) (+/-$10)


intel name (name) (Predicts Your Age from Your Name) ( API) (+$5)

intel kanye (Kanye Quotes) (Kanye Rest API) (+$5)

intel joke (Amazing Jokes) (Official-Joke-API) (+$5)

intel number (number) (Facts about any Number) (NumbersAPI) (+$5)

intel date (mm/dd) (Facts about any Date) (NumbersAPI) (+$5)

intel minecraft (server address) (Minecraft Server Info) ( (+$5)

intel roast (@user) (Roast a Friend) (+$5)


intel dog (Dog Pictures) (Dog API) (+$5)

intel cat (Cat Pictures) (Cat API) (+$5)

intel pokemon (pokemon) (Pokemon Information and Pictures) (PokeAPI) (+$5)


intel weather (long,lat) (Detailed Weather Predictive Data) (7Timer API) (+$5)

intel lnglat (place) (Gives You the Longitude,Latitude of Anywhere in the World) (OpenCage API) (+$5)

intel placeinfo (place) (Gives You General Information About Any Place in the World) (OpenCage API) (+$5)


intel stonk (stock symbol) (Current Stock Ticker Information) ( (+$5)

intel detailstonk (stock symbol) (Detailed Stock Information) ( (+$5)

intel convertcurrency (convert from,convert to) (Currency Conversion Rates) (ExchangeRate-API) (+$5)

APIs Referenced

Google, The Covid Tracking Project, 7Timer,, Unsplash, OpenCage, ExchangeRate-API, IpInfo, Kanye Rest, Official-Joke-API, New York Times Movie API, PokeAPI, Dog API, Cat API, NumbersAPI,,


Seggustions are welcomed and can be done through the /seggust command from within StatBot. (Coming Soon)

If there are any publicly available APIs which the community would like to see, let us know and we will do our best to implement the feature ASAP!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Recon Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Recon to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Recon Discord Bot' on this page.

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