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This is a multi-tool bot, that comes with Utility, Fun, Actions, Reddit, Animals, and Music commands!

This bot has 122 commands, great moderation, and automation. The best of the best, will add any feature if it’s worth enough. Join our support server to add suggestions!

---- Core commands! ----

r!help, r!ping, r!invite, r!sever, r!vote, r!updates, r!about

---- Utility commands! ----

Basic moderation: r!clear, r!mute, r!unmute, r!kick, r!ban, r!unban, r!warn, r!warns, r!removewarn, r!clearwarns, r!setup-logs, r!changeprefix

Information: r!userinfo, r!serverinfo, r!roleinfo, r!avatar, r!membercount

Anti-Nuke: r!setbypass, r!bypassdel, r!antinuke, r!antiban, r!antikick, r!antichanneldel, r!antichannelcreation, r!antiroledel, r!antirolecreation, r!antibot

Automation: r!autorole, r!autorole-disable, r!autonick, r!autonick-disable, r!setwelcome, r!welcome-disable

Message Management: r!antispam, r!antilink, r!anticuss

Channel: r!createchannel, r!delchannel, r!channelname, r!channeltopic, r!channelnsfw, r!slowmode, r!lock, r!serverlock

Role: r!addrole, r!removerole, r!tempaddrole, r!tempremoverole, r!createrole, r!delrole, r!rolementionable, r!rolecolor, r!rolename, r!role, r!reactions, r!emreaction, r!addreaction, r!removereaction

Nickname: r!nick, r!nickreset, r!nickall, r!nickallreset, r!unhoistnicknames

Other: r!afk, r!afkignore, r!checkafk, r!delafk, r!delallafk, r!ignorechannel, r!ignorechanneldel, r!ignorechanneldelall, r!ignoredchannels

---- Fun commands! ----

r!gay, r!straight, r!iq, r!dice, r!fakesnake, r!bruh, r!say, r!emsay, r!pp, r!rapist, r!funfact, r!rps, r!8ball, r!kill, r!love, r!ship, r!snipe, r!editsnipe, r!urban

---- Actions commands! ----

r!hug, r!kiss, r!slap

---- Reddit commands! ----

r!meme, r!dankmeme, r!cursedcomments, r!blacktwitter

---- Animal commands! ----

r!animal, r!cat, r!dog, r!snake, r!lizard

---- Music commands! ----

r!play, r!skip, r!forceskip, r!pause, r!resume, r!queue, r!now, r!volume, r!stop, r!summon, r!join, r!leave


Prefix: r!
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: mrbutter#7441
Short link: discord.ly/rem